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Factory First Aid Kits

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The Large Government Regulation7 First Aid Kit is a extensive first aid kit that is capable of serving up to 50 people. These great first aid kits can be used as factory and large office first aid kits. These Government Regulation First Aid Kits provide your employees with occupational health and safety. These first aid boxes come in a large metal cases that are wall mountable and lockable.

Factory First Aid Kit


Factory First Aid Kit Contents

Dimensions: 46 x 34 x 14cm

1 x Set Safety Pins
4 x Roller Bandage 75mm
4 x Roller Bandage 100mm
1 x Elastic Adhesive Bandage
4 x Pairs Examination Gloves
2 x Pack Sterile Gauze 100mm x 100mm
1 x Pack N/S Gauze 50mm x 50mm
2 x Resus Aid (CPR Mouth Piece)
10 x Plaster Strips
1 x 100ml Antiseptic Solution
4 x First Aid Dressing no.3
4 x First Aid Dressing no.5
1 x Cotton Wool Roll 50g
1 x Pair Scissors
1 x Forceps
1 x Microporous Paper Tape
4 x Triangular Bandages
2 x Splints
4 x Safety/ Hi-Risk Gloves
5 x Paper Towels
1 x Absorbent Granuals
1 x Bio-Hazard Bag
2 x Disinfectant Sachets